Axe Camp Vol. 8 /// October 18-20th 2019 /// log off


how can your BUSINESS support axe camp 2019?

Food and/or beverage

Our campers enjoy home cooked meals. This is the bulk of our cost, beyond preparing the property for our campers arrival. Our campers also like to imbibe in beverages around the campfire in the evenings on Friday and Saturday. 

In-kind food donations would be a big win for us - we would love to partner with a local farm or butcher. 

Friday night is a big night for our campers, where we host a happy hour. Having a brewery or distillery sponsor would help elevate this tradition.

the shitter

Our camp is now hosted at our home, which only has 1 bathroom. Our camp has grown from 6 to 22. We would love to have someone sponsor a porta-john or two.


Each year our campers recieve a shirt and some little swag items in a brown paper bag. We would love to up the ante. 

  • Do you have cool patches, pins or stickers?

  • Do you want to give our campers coupons for your establishment?

  • Do you have a sweet bottle opener you want to gift our campers?

  • Are you gifting in another way to Axe Camp and want us to include a little card about your contribution in the swag bag?

  • Do you want to help us have a better bag? We would love to give a tote rather than a lunch sack.

What do you get for being a sponsor?

Well - If you spnosor something that has space for your logo, we will happily post signage about your kindness. Example: If you sponsor a port-a-john we would love to slap your logo on the side. If you support our campers by sending food, we will be sure to post signage at breakfast and talk about your generosity and stellar business when we serve up the meal. You are welcome to send business cards or promotional items for us to give to campers as well. We are open to ideas and want to make this experience great for our campers and our sponsors. Social media posts will also display your busienss name and tag you as applicable. We will also keep our sponsors listed until our next year’s sponsors are arranged.


Our 2018 sponsors

Thank you a million times over for your support of our 7th annual Axe Camp.

Derk’s Works

Blystone Farm
Meal Sponsor

Pistacia Vera
Meal Sponsor

Project Woodchips
Swag Sponsor

The Landmark Project
Swag Sponsor

Hilltown Axe Camp
Swag Sponsor