Our 6th Annual Axe Camp is upon us, and will be held at our shop + farm in Canal Winchester, Ohio for the third time. We will camp for two nights rising in the morning to meet the challenge of splitting logs and learning proper axe care and use. After chopping, there is a log toss competition, tomahawk throwing tourney, as well as other tests of your physical prowess.

In years past campers have been tasked with creating a substantial log bridge, building fireside log furniture, and repairing various farm structures. We will continue our tradition of a team challenge.

At the end of camp awards are given to those who gave outstanding efforts.

Our first camp in 2013 was a merry group of 6. In 2014 we increased the number to 18. We add a few more each year, and hope to continue to expand. If you're lucky maybe your axe will get an invite.

Axe camp is a chance to test your grit and what you and your axe are capable of.
— Don Argento (614 Magazine | December 2014)

We have moved to a streamlined entry fee, giving you less to worry about.

Axe Camp 2017 - $60.00
       + Axe Camp 2017 t-shirt
       + Home Cooked Meals(Friday, Dinner; Saturday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner; Sunday, Breakfast)
       + Swag Bag

       *This is in addition to instruction, the chance to work your ass off, and a place to pitch your tent.


Registering for Axe Camp secures your spot and must be done by September 15th, 2017.

Your $60.00 entry fee is due at the time of registration, as well as your consent to our waiver for Axe Camp 2017.

Axe Camp is always BYOB.


What you'll need to bring:
Your Yellowood Axe
Heavy duty work boots (steel toe suggested)
Work gloves (leather suggested)
Work clothes (heavy duty pants and shirts, we are using sharp tools here folks)
Tent + sleeping bag
Clean underwear


*Axe Camp is an invite only event. You've received an invite because you own a Yellowood Axe. More questions about the invite process? Shoot us a text at 614.625.1843 or email us at contact@yellowoodesign.com.